Mike Tomlin on Antonio Brown: He has moved on, we have moved on

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Mike Tomlin on Antonio Brown: He has moved on, we have moved on

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has closed the doors on a potential Steelers and Antonio Brown reunion. Brown, who earned four First-Team All-Pro selections during his stint with the Steelers, recently expressed a desire to retire with the organization that drafted him.

Tomlin suggested the team would be willing to give Brown a ceremonial one-day contract to retire as a Steeler but made it clear that the days of Brown wearing a Steelers jersey are over. "He's moved on, we've moved on," Tomlin said of Brown on The Pivot Podcast, per CBS Sports.

Tomlin enjoyed watching Brown transform into a superstar

In the 2010 NFL draft, the Steelers selected Brown in the sixth round. Teams never expect sixth rounders to become superstars but Brown was able to overcome the odds and become one of the most dominant wide receivers in the game.

During his time with the Steelers, Brown made seven Pro Bowls, four First-Team All-Pro nods, twice led the league in receiving yards and receptions, and once was the receiving touchdowns leader. Brown's career with the Steelers didn't end well but Tomlin always respected the wide receiver's work ethic.

"What I'll say about AB is this, we had nine great years," Tomlin said. "I appreciate that dude in ways I can't explain to y'all. I don't think enough gets said about the will of that dude, about the work ethic of that dude, about the fearlessness in which he played the game.

I've never seen him blink on the football field. I've never seen him shy away from anything that was uncomfortable on the football field. I've only seen him run into burning buildings, as they say, on the football field.

We talk about all this other stuff, but we don't talk about that. Unbelievable will. Unbelievable work ethic. Unbelievable belief in himself. That's what I think about when I think about the nine years that I spent with that dude."