Larry Fitzgerald reveals how he honestly feels about Kyler Murray as Cardinals QB


Larry Fitzgerald reveals how he honestly feels about Kyler Murray as Cardinals QB

Arizona Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald has no doubt that Kyler Murray is the right quarterback for his ex-team as he believes no quarterback in the NFL is as talented as the 24-year-old. The Cardinals are set to be without former All-Pro wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the first six games.

Hopkins tested positive for banned substance and he is set to serve a six-game suspension. Fitzgerald noted the Hopkins presence will be missed but believes Murray has what it takes to help the Cardinals win games without Hopkins.

"Obviously, the schedule's really tough early in the season and I know they're going to be without Hop, but I know Kyler has the ability and the fortitude to be able to lift this team up," Fitzgerald told MJ Acosta-Ruiz on Friday's edition of NFL Total Access, per the NFL website.

Fitzgerald: No quaterback is more talented than Murray

"There's nobody in the game as talented as, as diverse an array of abilities in terms of his athleticism, his ability to throw the ball going left or right," Fitzgerald added.

"He's immensely talented. He's a guy that everybody around the league has to prepare differently for. You bring in [Marquise Brown], Zach Ertz is now coming into his second year, better acclimated with the system. James Conner is fully healthy going back into the year.

I really like where they are positioned." The Cardinals used their first overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft to select Murray and they have indicated several times this offseason that they view the 24-year-old as the franchise quarterback.

Last season, Murray led the Cardinals to a perfect 7-0 start before their season went downhill. The Cardinals finished the regular season with an 11-6 record, before losing to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional round.

After the 2021 season ended, Murray made it clear he wanted an extension. Murray and the Cardinals haven't yet agreed on an extension but both sides have showed willingness to work out something before the new season begins.