Dak Prescott reveals his fitness level ahead of new season

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Dak Prescott reveals his fitness level ahead of new season

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott claims he is in the best shape of his life ahead of the new season. In 2020, Prescott suffered a season-ending injury and he wasn't a full-go from the start of the offseason program a year ago.

Now, it is a completely different story as Prescott is healthy and he has been doing his best to enter the new season exceptionally prepared. "A couple of weeks out (from training camp) and I'm in the best shape that I've ever been in," Prescott said, per the Cowboys website.

"I got a PT in the offseason -- someone I've worked with throughout the last year. I've paid him, made him full-time. Whether it's vacation or not, he comes with me. We work on these movements and stretches. I feel like, since the injury, I've trained more (functionally) than I ever have.

So, I see it in my body, I see it the way I move and how the ball is coming out."

Prescott always thinking about football

Even when Prescott was on vacation, he was thinking about football and how he could help the Cowboys achieve success this upcoming season.

"No, I'm never not thinking about football. So, yeah, physically and I try to put myself in situations where maybe it's The Bahamas or different ways you can't get around football," he said. "You're almost forced to relax your mind a little bit and put all of that stuff away.

So, now we're back. We're two weeks close to it. I think I need to get my mind back into it as far as the scheme and just everything. Super excited." Last season, the Cowboys finished the regular season with a 12-5 record but then suffered a devastating loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the wild card round.

The loss to the 49ers certainly left a sour taste in Prescott's mouth so it shouldn't be a surprise that he is determined to make amends this upcoming season.