Panthers GM Scott Fitterer addresses possible Baker Mayfield extension

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Panthers GM Scott Fitterer addresses possible Baker Mayfield extension

Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer has revealed the team plans to let Baker Mayfield play out the 2022 season and then they will explore the possibility of giving Mayfield an extension. Last week, the Panthers completed a trade for former Cleveland Browns quarterback Mayfield.

The Panthers had been linked with Mayfield since the start of free agency but it took four months for the Panthers reach a trade agreement with the Browns. The Panthers brought in Mayfield to give Sam Darnold competition and now the ex-Browns quarterback has a chance to earn a starting quarterback spot in Carolina.

"Our whole focus was bringing Baker in to compete with Sam [Darnold]," Fitterer said, per Pro Football Talk. "We'll take it up to training camp. That's as far as we're going to take it and we'll let it play out throughout the season."

Fitterer feels Matt Corral will benefit from having Mayfield

In the third round of the 2022 NFL draft, the Panthers selected ex-Ole Miss standout Corral. Corral will be given time to learn and Fitterer feels having a chance to learn from a veteran like Mayfield will benefit the 23-year-old quarterback.

"The one good thing for Matt, there is a transition for him from a college offense he was in to an NFL offense, especially a (Ben) McAdoo offense, where there's a lot of verbiage," Fitterer said. "This will allow him the chance to really learn at his own pace, learn from a couple of veterans in that room in Sam and Baker, and having PJ (Walker) in that room as well.

And when it's time for him to get out there and play, he can get out there and earn that job if he's ready. But it's going to be on him to learn and play well when he gets there. Right now, our focus is to get all of our quarterbacks up to speed so we can play good quality football at that position."