Tony Romo reveals concern he has for Cowboys going into 2022 season

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Tony Romo reveals concern he has for Cowboys going into 2022 season

Tony Romo reveals he has one concern about Dallas Cowboys' offense going into the 2022 season as he is interested in seeing how will the offense look without Amari Cooper. In the 2020 offseason, the Cowboys gave a five-year, $100 million deal to Cooper.

Two years later, the Cowboys decided to move on from Cooper because they felt his production wasn't matching up the money he was getting. At the start of free agency, the Cowboys traded Cooper to the Cleveland Browns.

Last season, for the first time in four years Cooper didn't lead the Cowboys in receiving yards - CeeDee Lamb led the team in receiving yards. "I do think that this will be an interesting year just as far as seeing without Amari Cooper there," Romo said on the "Maggie and Perloff"

"That's the one little issue right there that I feel is going to change things a little bit."

Rome on the Jimmy Garoppolo trade saga

Also, Romo gave his thoughts on how will the Garoppolo saga end. The San Francisco 49ers have been trying to trade Garoppolo since the start of free agency but teams haven't shown much willingness to trade for a quarterback that underwent a shoulder surgery in March.

Romo thinks Garoppolo will find a new home once one of the teams loses a quarterback to an injury or realizes it needs an upgrade. "The biggest thing is, he's got to get healthy with his shoulder injury," Romo said on the "Zach Gleb Show" on CBS Sports Radio.

"But, when he gets healthy, you'll see teams coming in. Right now, the Niners I think are just staying pat. Because as soon as a quarterback gets injured in preseason or in camp, something usually happens where someone gets banged up, a little bit.

You'll see that'll be when the value will go up, and the 49ers will get more value than they're getting right now. I think that's when they're going to pull the trigger."