NFL insider reveals team that likely won't pursue trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

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NFL insider reveals team that likely won't pursue trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

The San Francisco 49ers have given Jimmy Garoppolo's agent permission to seek a trade and the Cleveland Browns are reportedly not one of the teams interested in the quarterback. Garoppolo, who underwent a shoulder surgery in March, is expected to be able to return to full activities mid-August and trade talks surrounding him are ramping up.

"49ers officially have given Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents Don Yee and Carter Chow permission to seek a trade, sources said. Garoppolo has been cleared to start practicing, per team source; 49ers still are expected to exercise caution with him this summer," ESPN's Adam Schefter reported.

The Browns not expected to pursue Garoppolo

The Browns traded for Deshaun Watson at the start of free agency but the quarterback may be banned for the entire season, pending the results of the NFL investigation. With Watson's availability up in the air, the Browns may try to add proven quarterback.

"Browns still not expected to pursue Jimmy Garoppolo now that the 49ers have formally permitted him to seek a trade - even with uncertainty over Deshaun Watson," Mary Kay Cabot of reported.

Garoppolo was expected to be traded at the start of free agency but the shoulder surgery he underwent is the reason why he is still on the 49ers' roster.

Tony Romo, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, expects Garoppolo to be traded rather sooner than later. “When he gets healthy, you'll see teams coming in,” Romo told The Zach Gelb Show. “I think the Niners are staying pat.

Because as soon as a quarterback gets injured in camp or in preseason, something usually happens where someone gets banged up. That'll be when the value will go up, and the 49ers will get more value than they're getting right now.

I think that's when they're going to pull the trigger”. It remains to be seen where will Garoppolo end up.