Ezekiel Elliott makes clear his goals and for how long he plans to remain active

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Ezekiel Elliott makes clear his goals and for how long he plans to remain active

Ezekiel Elliott revealed he will likely play long enough to reach the 10,000-rushing yards. Elliott, who is set for his seventh season in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, has collected 7,386 rushing yards through his first six seasons in the NFL.

Elliott has an average of 1,231 rushing yards per season and he might need just two more seasons to enter the 10,000-rushing yards club. One of Elliott's goals is make the Hall of Fame and he acknowledged that there is not too many running backs who have made the Hall of Fame without being in the 10,000-rushing yards "Obviously that's a goal, winning a Super Bowl, getting a gold jacket," Elliott said, per CBS Sports.

"There's not many guys with gold jackets that didn't rush for 10,000 yards."

Elliott is still the running back No. 1 in Dallas

Statistically, the 2021 season was the worst of Elliott's career. On the other side, Tony Pollard enjoyed a good season.

Going into the 2022 season, some wondered if the Cowboys could turn to Pollard as their top running back option. Those talks were shut down by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who made it clear Elliott is still the team's top running back option.

"We gotta have Tony Pollard out there. No, seriously, Zeke's gotta be our feature, and he is our feature," Jones said on NFL Network, per the NFL website. "We can feature him in a lot of different ways. We all recognize what he does in the passing game because of his protection ability.

Don't ever underestimate that especially with Zeke. Zeke takes some tolls when he's out there as a back blocking. So it's critical that we make Zeke -- because he's capable of being that -- really the focus of what we're doing.

Now then, Pollard, there's plenty of room for Pollard. There's plenty of room for Pollard when Zeke's in there. Pollard needs to get the ball."