Ex-Packers coach comments on Aaron Rodgers taking psychedelic drug

Rodgers admitted to using ayahuasca on a trip to Peru in 2020.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-Packers coach comments on Aaron Rodgers taking psychedelic drug

Former Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy said he definitely wasn't invited to Aaron Rodgers' ayahuasca trip and claimed he wasn't aware of the reigning NFL MVP using the psychedelic drug. Getsy was the Packers' quarterbacks coach for three seasons, before accepting to become the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator earlier this offseason.

“I was not invited on those trips,” Getsy said with a grin, per the Chicago Sun-Times. “I didn’t know all that stuff. I haven’t watched that yet but obviously I’ve been informed by a lot of people about that stuff.

Whatever it takes, I guess”. Last week, Rodgers opened up about taking ayahuasca when he was on a trip to Peru in 2020. Just before the pandemic started, Rodgers visited Peru with his now ex-girlfriend Danica Patrick.

During the trip, Rodgers consumed ayahuasca, a psychedelic tea which contains DMT. Since returning from Peru, Rodgers has won back-to-back NFL MVP awards.

Rodgers on how his mental health improved after ayahuasca

“To me, one of the core tenets of your mental health is that self-love,” Rodgers said on the Aubrey Marcus podcast.

“That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself. It’s only in that unconditional self love, that then I’m able to truly be able to unconditionally love others. And what better way to work on my mental health than to have an experience like that?” Besides mental health improvement, Rodgers also suggested that ayahuasca helped him love more his teammates.

“The greatest gift I can give my teammates, in my opinion, is to be able to show up and to be someone who can model unconditional love to them,” Rodgers said. “I mean obviously it’s important I play well, and show up and lead and all that stuff. They won’t care about what you say until they know how much you care”.

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