Brian Robinson might not miss entire season after being shot twice

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Brian Robinson might not miss entire season after being shot twice

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera says there is still a chance rookie running back Brian Robinson gets to play this year. Over the weekend, Robinson was shot during an armed robbery attempt. The Washington police said in a statement that Robinson suffered "a couple gunshot wounds to his lower extremities."

There were two assailants, who were later identified by police. "The doctors were very positive with him and he was very positive as well," Rivera said, via ESPN. "He's very fortunate. He's doing well.

It will be a matter of time before he's back out here. There's no timeline, but everything was very positive. It's just about the healing process, and once he's well enough to get on the field, doctors have to clear him and we'll go from there.

Everything is positive so far."

Rivera addressed the team before Monday's practice

"I just let them know it's a somber day and we expected it to be a tough day so just hang in there," Rivera said.

"They rallied and practiced pretty doggone good. They were able to focus. I know their hearts are heavy right now because a lot of them are thinking about Brian. But we're very fortunate, he's very fortunate that a lot of the news is positive."

Rivera is an experienced coach and he has a lot throughout his coaching career. But getting a call about one of his players being shot was a tough pill to swallow. "I've gotten several phone calls as a head coach, but this was one of the harder ones," Rivera said.

"First of all because he's a heck of a young man. It kind of blindsided me a little bit." Robinson, who played college football for Alabama, was a third round pick in this past NFL draft. It remains to be seen if Robinson will be able to play in his rookie season.