Todd Bowles gives Julio Jones update that will make Bucs fans happy

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Todd Bowles gives Julio Jones update that will make Bucs fans happy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles has provided a promising update on Julio Jones as he claims has "returned to his old self." Jones, who was an All-Pro selection for five times during his stint with the Atlanta Falcons, is currently on his third team in as many years.

After having a down year in his final season in Atlanta, Jones didn't impress in his lone season with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans clearly expected more from Jones since they decided to cut him earlier this offseason.

Now, Jones is 33 and coming off back-to-back seasons in which he didn't impress. But the Buccaneers believe he can at least come close to his level that was once making him one of the top wide receivers in the game.

Bowles: Jones can play

"Well, he can play," Bowles said of Jones, per CBS Sports.

"When we got him, he was kind of out of shape so we kind of limited his number of plays during practice. He's kind of gotten to the point where he's returned to his old self. He's been great mentally, he's been great for the guys in the room as well as out on the practice field, [defensive backs] alike.

Right now, he can play. We have a bunch of receivers that can play so the pitch count should be kind of even depending on who we play and how we play it. We think he can lend a lot for us – we've just got to knock on wood and keep him healthy."

Jones is one of the most experienced wide receivers in the game and Buccaneers players definitely have a ton of respect for the seven-time pro Bowler. "It can add a lot of respect to the huddle because of what he's done," Bowles said.

"Obviously, you've got to go off what he's doing lately and what he's got to do, but it adds a lot to it."