Pete Carroll speaks on Seahawks facing Russell Wilson on Monday Night Football

The Seahawks hoping to spoil Wilson's Broncos debut.

by Dzevad Mesic
Pete Carroll speaks on Seahawks facing Russell Wilson on Monday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll feels it is "awesome" to have a chance to play Russell Wilson in Week 1. After spending the first 10 seasons in the NFL with the Seahawks, Wilson was traded in a blockbuster trade to the Denver Broncos.

On Monday Night Football, the Seahawks will host Wilson and his new team. Ahead of Week 1, Carroll was asked what was his reaction after seeing the Seahawks would face the Broncos in their first game of the season. “I thought it was awesome,” Carroll answered, per The Seattle Times.

Carroll knows Wilson extremely well, his strengths and weaknesses. But Wilson also knows extremely the Seahawks. “I do have as much information as you can have. I’ve probably never known a player any closer than knowing Russ, his quarterbacking, and his playing and his mentality and all of that.

He knows me, too. He knows us. So, we’ll see what happens," Carroll said.

Carroll looking forward to facing Wilson

With Wilson gone, the Seahawks aren't given much of a chance to even come near making the playoffs this postseason.

The Seahawks won't be in many primetime games this season and Carroll is hoping the team presents itself in good light on Monday Night Football. “I like this game, this matchup and this challenge to make sure we understand the principles and how you deal with it,” Carroll said.

“So, this game isn’t different than any other game, but yet it’s the biggest game we’ll ever play (because) it’s the only one we got. It is championship game time. The setting will be that, the players will feel that and sense that with all the buildup to the game, Monday night, and the whole thing.

And we need to deal with it really well and handle it really well." It remains to be seen if the Seahawks can upset the Broncos and prevent Wilson from making a winning start to his tenure in Denver.

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