Ryan Fitzpatrick explains why he felt Tom Brady never really respected him

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Ryan Fitzpatrick explains why he felt Tom Brady never really respected him

Retired NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick felt Tom Brady never really respected him and mentioned how the seven-time Super Bowl champion would refuse to shake his lands after losses. After losing to Brady multiple times, Fitzpatrick finally clinched his first over Brady when he led the Buffalo Bills to a 34-31 victory over the New England Patriots in 2011.

Fitzpatrick was looking forward to shaking Brady's hand post-match, but then the Patriots quarterback stormed off the field. "No. Zero respect," Fitzpatrick said on the Pardon My Take podcast, per CBS Sports.

"He'd never shake my hand. Man, I've told this story before, but he just pisses me off. [I'm] in Buffalo, playing New England, they're kicking our ass every single year, they're beating us. We finally, in 2011, knocked them off.

It was right at the beginning of the season. We had this great start and he threw five interceptions in the game, which was just wonderful to see every single one of them. Just wonderful to see."

Fitzpatrick: I wanted to make Brady respect him

In the regular season finale of the 2019 season, the Patriots needed to beat the Dolphins in order to secure a first round bye in the playoffs.

The Dolphins, who had nothing to play for in that game, claimed a shock 27-24 win over the Patriots. "Like, no handshake, no quarterback middle of the field, 'Where are the cameras? OK, hey, stay healthy buddy.'

Pat me on the head and let me go. Just ran straight off," Fitzpatrick said. "It just bothered me so much because there was no respect there. Every time I played him after that, I was like 'All right, let's make this dude respect me.'

" Fitzpatrick did get acknowledged by Brady after the game, but he noted it was him who initiated everything. "I probably initiated it," Fitzpatrick said.