Ja'Marr Chase on Trevon Diggs: He's a little hit or miss

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Ja'Marr Chase on Trevon Diggs: He's a little hit or miss

Ja'Marr Chase seemingly praised and also took some shots at Trevon Diggs. This Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals will be taking on the Dallas Cowboys on AT&T Stadium. Going into the game, the Chase and Diggs matchup that is drawing attention.

Chase acknowledged that Diggs is "a great athlete," but also added that he "misses" at times. "He's an athlete. He's got great ball skills in the air. He's super fast," Chase said, per The Dallas Morning News.

"He's not too much on technique-sound, though. He's a little hit or miss. He's either all the way on or not on at all. But he's definitely a great athlete."

The Chase and Diggs matchup is the one to watch

Last season, Chase set the new record for most receiving yards by a rookie during the regular season.

Also, Chase broke the record for the most receiving yards by a rookie in the game (266) and also had most postseason rookie receiving yards by a rookie (279). On the other side, Diggs led the league in interceptions last season.

Diggs picked off opposing times 11 times last season, but also allowed the most yards in the league. Because Diggs allowed 1,051 yards last season, some argued that he wasn't really a top cornerback in the league. Chase saying that Diggs is "a little hit or miss" was definitely the reference to Diggs' numbers in 2021.

Diggs loves to gamble and it either pays off massively, or sinks the Cowboys. Against Chase - who is already considered as one of the top wide receivers in the league - Diggs can't allow himself to gamble too much. But going for a big play is in DIggs' veins and that could cost the Cowboys if Chase outplays or outsmarts him. It remains to be seen if Chase can put up big numbers with Diggs in coverage.