Saints captain reveals what he told Marshon Lattimore after fight with Mike Evans

Lattimore and Evans were both ejected following a fourth quarter brawl.

by Dzevad Mesic
Saints captain reveals what he told Marshon Lattimore after fight with Mike Evans

New Orleans Saints team captain Cameron Jordan questioned why Marshon Lattimore was ejected after Mike Evans seemingly initiated the fight. While Lattimore was trash talking Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette shoved Lattimore, to which Lattimore responded by shoving Fournette.

Then Evans comes into the picture by shoving Lattimore from the back to the ground.

After the officials reviewed the play, both Evans and Lattimore were disqualified.

Post-game, captain Jordan revealed what was his message to Lattimore. "It can't happen, it can't happen. We know whatever it is, the refs are gonna try to get the guy who reacts. They rarely catch the guy who initiates," Jordan said he told Lattimore, per ESPN.

"That's just human error, that's just human whatever you want to call it. And when you lose a player like him, it definitely hurts."

Jordan on Lattimore being ejected along with Evans

Jordan suggested that Lattimore defending himself after getting shoved was understandable.

"Clearly [Nos.] 2-3 and 1-3 got kicked out the game, but there was someone who initially started the shove -- and went out of their way to do so. So we just leave it up to the refs to sort it out, and we have to live by it," Jordan said.

"In my mind, you have to defend yourself. So I don't know where you go from that. You're supposed to get shoved for no reason? 1-3 enters the fray, shoves him again. Like, what do you want from my guy?" The Saints and Buccaneers were at 3-3 before the Buccaneers' big fourth quarter helped them secure a 20-10 victory.

The Buccaneers now have a 2-0 record, while the Saints stand at 1-1. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if the league will hand any suspensions to Evans and Lattimore. Evans and Lattimore had a fight in 2017 as well, which didn't result in suspensions.