Kyler Murray shares thoughts on being hit in face by Raiders fan

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Kyler Murray shares thoughts on being hit in face by Raiders fan

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray insists he has no hard feelings toward the Las Vegas Raiders fan that hit in the face while he was celebrating the Cardinals' victory over the Raiders. After the Cardinals scored a touchdown in the overtime for a 29-23 victory over the Raiders, Murray went to the wall that separates the field and the field-level box.

While Murray was celebrating the victory with Cardinals fans, there appeared to be one Raider fan that wasn't too thrilled about it. "No, this stuff happens fast," Murray said, per ESPN. "I know every person I've hit in the face, I did it for a reason.

I don't know if he probably didn't know where he was. I don't know. It was a pretty live game. Vegas is Vegas. I'm sure he was having fun."

Murray: I'd shake that fan's hand

A few days after the incident, Murray suggested he understood why that one fan decided to do what he did.

Also, Murray said he would shake that fan's hand if there was a chance for him to do so. "No hard feelings toward the guy," Murray added. "If I seen him, I'd shake his hand, but it is what it is."

Going forward, Murray suggested he won't refrain from celebrating with fans. "I'd do it all over again if I could," Murray said. After getting destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs by a 44-21 score in Week 1, the Cardinals were on the verge of losing in Week 2 as well.

Halfway through the fourth quarter, the Raiders appeared to have a comfortable 23-7. Murray then led orchestrated two drives that resulted with touchdowns and two two-point conversions. The Cardinals forced an overtime, in which they scored a touchdown following Hunter Renfrow's fumble.

“At some point, enough is enough,” Murray said. “It's not about the toughness and how hard we play. That's never a question. It's just about executing. Playing faster, getting our tempo going”. In Week 3, the Cardinals are hosting the Los Angeles Rams.