Jerry Jones hints Cooper Rush could replace Dak Prescott as starting QB

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Jerry Jones hints Cooper Rush could replace Dak Prescott as starting QB

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has seemingly left the door open for Cooper Rush to replace Dak Prescott as the starting quarterback if he plays well in the next few weeks. After Prescott went down injured in Week 1, Rush started for the Cowboys in Week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rush performed well and helped the Cowboys beat the Bengals. With Prescott likely be out for at least two or three more games, Rush will more chances to prove himself. In Week 3, the Cowboys are playing the New York Giants on the road.

The Giants are their division rivals and they won't be lacking any motivation going into the game.

Jones leaves the door open for Rush to replace Prescott

"Of course I want it," Jones said, per The Athletic.

"If (Rush) comes in there and plays as well as Prescott played over these next games ahead, I'd walk to New York to get that. Of course we want Dak to be here next week. That's the thing, you do. But Dak and I want Rush to lead the team to a victory here and get another win.

Looking back, when Dak was playing instead of Tony, it was game by game. So do I think that it's possible for Rush to come in here and play at a level and win games the way Prescott did when he took over for Romo? Yes I do.

Yes I do. I certainly think that's possible." So far, Rush has started for the Cowboys in two games. Last year, Rush started for the Cowboys against the Minnesota Vikings and helped the team win. This past Sunday, he made his second start for the Cowboys and again helped the team win. It remains to be seen if Rush can now lead the Cowboys to a victory over their division rivals, the Giants.