Patrick Mahomes reveals lesson he learned from 2021 season

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Patrick Mahomes reveals lesson he learned from 2021 season

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reveals one of the biggest lessons he learned from the 2021 season is that you simply can't relax at any time in the NFL. In the AFC Championship Game, the Chiefs were the big favorite to beat the Cincinnati Bengals on their home field.

The Chiefs got off to a great start to the game, taking an early 21-3 lead. Just when it seemed the Chiefs would easily beat the Bengals and reach the Super Bowl, they suffered a stunning collapse as the Bengals ended up claiming a shock 27-24 win.

"You can't relax. That was the biggest thing," Mahomes said, per The Athletic. "Every game I had played in the playoffs, for the most part, it was back and forth and we had to battle to the very end. We got up a lot and we just relaxed.

Then (the Bengals) got the momentum and we couldn't turn it back on. That's something I'll hold for the rest of my career. We've won one Super Bowl. But you want to have at least two or three by the next few years."

Mahomes off to a strong start to the 2022 season

Following a very disappointing playoff exit, Mahomes vowed to work hard and return stronger this season. So far so good for Mahomes, who has been playing great through the first two weeks.

Through the first two weeks of the 2022 NFL season, Mahomes has seven touchdown passes and zero interceptions. After leading the Chiefs to a 44-21 victory in Week 1 versus the Arizona Cardinals, Mahomes helped the Chiefs defeat the Los Angeles Chargers with a 27-24 score.

This week, the Chiefs are taking on the Indianapolis Colts on the road. The Colts haven't been really convincing at the start of the season they finished with a tie against the Houston Texans, before losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2.

The Chiefs are the favorites to win that game and it remains to be seen if Mahomes can continue his strong start to the year in Indianapolis and propel the Chiefs to a 3-0 record.