Shannon Sharpe rips 'clown' Antonio Brown for posting picture with Tom Brady's wife

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Shannon Sharpe rips 'clown' Antonio Brown for posting picture with Tom Brady's wife

Shannon Sharpe wasn't impressed with Antonio Brown taunting Tom Brady as he described his latest action as "a clown move." Last week, the New York Post published a video dating from May, in which Brown could be seen exposing himself at a pool.

After making the headlines again for all the wrong reasons, Brown took to Instagram, where he posted a picture of himself and Gisele Bundchen while they were celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl victory in 2020.

Brady, who was the driving force behind the Buccaneers signing Brown two years ago, is reportedly going through marital problems with Bundchen.

Brown, who was given another shot in the NFL because of Brady, decided to taunt Brady.

Sharpe rips 'clown' Brown

"AB is a clown and he's been a clown for the longest," Sharpe said on FS1's Undisputed.

"He's done in the NFL. Nobody's going to waste their time [on him]. And last night took the cake for me. I'm done [with him]. Everybody should be done after he posted Tom Brady's wife and it said what he said.

That man took your a** in. That man revived your career. Nobody was going to give you a chance. And you take a shot at this man? You do that, AB?"

Following messy endings to his stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Las Vegas Raiders, and New England Patriots, many thought that Brown's career in the NFL was over.

Then, Brady vouched for Brown and wanted the Buccaneers to give him a chance. In 2020, the Buccaneers listened to Brady and gave Brown a chance. The Buccaneers signing Brown paid off in their first season as Brown helped the team win the Super Bowl.

Then in Week 17 of last season, Brown had a meltdown and stormed off the field. Brown has been out of the league since then and many believe his NFL career is over.