Bobby Wagner reacts to having police complaint filed against him

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Bobby Wagner reacts to having police complaint filed against him

Bobby Wagner suggests he is not really concerned about the protestor filing a police complaint against him. On Monday Night Football, an animal right activist made his way onto the field. While running away from security, the protestor was carrying a pink flare.

After security failed to catch the protestor, Wagner tackled him near the sideline with the help of a teammate. Now, the protestor has filed a lawsuit against Wagner for a "blatant assault." “I’m aware of it.

It's behind me. Can't really focus on it. I'm more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him and the people that was, we don't know what that is and you just gotta do what you gotta do," Wagner said.

Wagner didn't know what the protestor would do next

Wagner's decision to tackle the protestor was mostly supported. Many argued that Wagner reacted that way because he didn't know what was the protestor going to do next.

"You just never know," Wagner said. "You never know, like, people run on the field for no reason sometimes and again, I'm pretty sure it's gonna keep happening, but you never know what that person got in they pocket, in they hands, whatever.

Kind of like what I said after the game so, you know, there's consequences for your actions." One of those who supported Bobby Wagner's actions was none other than Rams head coach Sean McVay. "We all know where Bobby's intentions were, and I support Bobby Wagner.

That's where I'm at with that. I don't think anybody would disagree," McVay said. Meanwhile, the Rams are preparing to host the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. Through the first four games of the season, the Rams own a 2-2 record.

The Cowboys have won their last three games and the Rams will be hoping to put that streak to end when they meet this Sunday.