Tom Brady speaks on Buccaneers' struggles

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Tom Brady speaks on Buccaneers' struggles

Tom Brady has underlined that nobody is feeling sorry for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that they have to figure out how to start winning again. The Buccaneers, who started the season with two wins, are now 3-5. On Thursday Night Football, the Buccaneers suffered a 27-22 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Following the loss, Brady fell two games under .500 for the first time in his career.

Brady on the Buccaneers' struggles

“You know what, I’m glad it’s unfamiliar. I want this to be as unfamiliar as possible.

Losing sucks and we’ve put a lot into winning, just like every team does. And no one’s feeling sorry for the Bucs. We know that and we’ve got to go change it. So I think the attitude is, there’s no surrender.

There’s nobody that’s backing down from the challenge. We’ve faced adversity before. We all have. You face adversity in your professional life. You face adversity in other aspects of life. It all builds resilience and you learn how to deal with the adversities and hopefully they make you stronger.

So we’re gonna go out there this week and we’re gonna try to be the best we could be this week. Who cares what happened in the past eight weeks? Our record is what it is. We’re not changing it. We can’t change any game that we’ve had.

All we can do is learn from the last eight weeks and try to apply it in a winning way this week. And, you know, it’s a big challenge for us. So we’re gonna see what we were made of. And I think time will tell all," Brady said on his podcast, per Pro Football Talk.

Even though the Buccaneers are just 3-5, they are just one behind the Atlanta Falcons, who sit at No 1 of the NFC South. This Sunday, the Buccaneers are hosting the Los Angeles Rams. With nine games left to play, the Buccaneers still have a chance to turn their season around and to finish on top of their division.