Josh McDaniels provides solution to how Raiders can help Davante Adams

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Josh McDaniels provides solution to how Raiders can help Davante Adams

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels says one simple way of helping Davante Adams get more efficient is to have those around him become more productive. Adams, who has been considered among the best wide receivers for several years now, is having a rough start to his Raiders tenure.

During the Raiders' 24-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Adams caught just one ball - his first game since 2016 with just one reception. Also, Adams has had three games this year in which he had three or fewer receptions.

While Adams is getting double-teamed, those around him are not stepping up and using it. McDaniels suggests that needs to change if they want to help Adams become more productive.

McDaniels on how the Raiders can help Adams to get going

“I think the defense always has an opportunity to try to use schemes to limit players, there's no question that that happens.

He's seen that his whole career once he started being a very productive player. And so, you have to try different things, play multiple positions, there's a lot of ways you could attempt that. And at times, the defense will still try to double or put two people or more around somebody, that's happened to him.

It's happened to Hunter [Renfrow] at times, it's happened to Darren [Waller] some when those guys were out there earlier in the year. It’s part of the process; I also think being productive away from him. I've always felt like if a player gets double teamed, if you're productive away from the double teams, then that forces the defense to consider how much they want to continue to do that.

So, I think the performance and production of others, when the defense wants to put so much attention towards one player, always weighs into trying to limit how much that happens," McDaniels said, per Sports Illustrated.

This Sunday, the Raiders are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars on the road. It remains to be seen if the Raiders and Adams can bounce back after a poor showing versus the Saints.