Tom Brady shares thoughts on Buccaneers' failed trick play attempt

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Tom Brady shares thoughts on Buccaneers' failed trick play attempt

Tom Brady claimed he tried to tell Leonard Fournette not to throw the ball on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' trick play that ended terribly bad. During the fourth quarter of the Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks game, the Buccaneers decided to pull off a trick play as running back Fournette tried to connect with Brady.

The play ended with Seahawks cornerback Tariq Woolen getting an interception. "I was on the sideline and tried to yell, 'Lenny, no. But it was too late, and the ball went up in the air and I was trying to just, whatever, jump up and knock it down.

But I ended up falling on my face," Brady said, per The Tampa Bay Times.

Brady: The Seahawks were ready

It was not the first time that the Buccaneers had Brady lined up as a wide receiver. A bit earlier in the game, Brady was lined up as a wide receiver and he was left open with no one near him but the Buccaneers didn't pass him the ball.

After seeing how wide open Brady was when they first lined him up as a wide receiver, the Buccaneers decided to do it again but this to pass him the ball. But the Seahawks were ready. "I was hoping to be wide open [on the second play], and I probably was on the first one, and I think they were pretty clued in on the second one.

They said 'Cover him! Cover him!'" Brady reflected. Brady wasn't even close to catching the ball as he tripped himself up as Woolen escaped with an easy interception. "I wasn't very close. Unfortunately, that cornerback is a former college receiver who jumps a lot higher than me and is much more athletic," Brady admitted.

Still, Brady and the Buccaneers escaped with a 21-16 win over the Seahawks to win their second game in a row and to improve to 5-5.