Tom Brady on if he could be head coach in NFL one day

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Tom Brady on if he could be head coach in NFL one day
Tom Brady on if he could be head coach in NFL one day

Tom Brady thinks having just the knowledge for football isn't enough for someone to become a great coach as the seven-time Super Bowl champion feels that having the desire for coaching is also a key thing. On his podcast, Brady was asked whether he could one day become an NFL head coach.

Over a week ago, the Indianapolis Colts made the headlines after they hired Jeff Saturday as their head coach. Saturday, who once played for the Colts, didn't have any previous head coaching experience at the pro or college level.

Still, he was given a chance and he coached the Colts to a 25-20 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.

Brady on whether he could be a head coach one day

"Being a great coach is the desire to be a great coach. You know, not whether a player can become a coach.

I think having the knowledge to do football, but is this something that you’d want to do and enjoy in order to maximize and actualize your potential as a coach? Those are things for different people to answer. Some people love being in the arena and some people love talking about it.

You know, it’s up for everyone’s desire to do what they want, but to have the opportunity to do it I think is pretty cool for former players as well," Brady said on his podcast, as quoted on Sports Illustrated.

Meanwhile, Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers have started gaining some momentum. After losing four games in October, the Buccaneers are 2-0 this month. On Sunday, the Buccaneers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-16 in Munich.

This week, the Buccaneers will not be in action as they have a bye week. Following their win over the Seahawks, the Buccaneers improved to 5-5. The Buccaneers are now looking better as Brady and company are still hoping to win the Super Bowl this year.

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