Aaron Rodgers offers honest assessment of his play versus Titans

Rodgers didn't impress as the Packers lost to the Titans.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Rodgers offers honest assessment of his play versus Titans

Aaron Rodgers admitted he threw "some wobblers" on Thursday Night Football and that missed some throws that he just needed to make. After beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the Packers were hoping to beat the Tennessee Titans and win two games in a row.

But it was a rough night for the Packers, who suffered a 27-17 defeat on their field. Rodgers, who played extremely well versus the Cowboys, was 24-for-39 for 227 yards and two touchdowns against the Titans. But he missed some key throws that ultimately cost the Packers a victory against the Titans.

"I've got to throw the ball better than I did tonight. Not a lot of margin for error for us and definitely not against a team that gives you some opportunities. We've got to have those plays," Rodgers said, as quoted on ESPN.

Rodgers on if he was hampered by a finger injury

After the game, Rodgers refused to find any excuses, instead admitting that he missed some throws that he should have made. "I couldn't tell you [or] point to one thing. I'm not going to make excuses about my thumb.

It's been the same since [he hurt it against the] New York [Giants]. I don't know. I've got to go back and look at it. I felt like fundamentally I was in a good spot. I just didn't have the same type of consistent grip and ball coming out the same way.

I threw a lot of kind of wobblers tonight. There was some wind. Just missed a few throws I should have had. Definitely the one to Sammy and the one to Allen," Rodgers explained. The Packers now own a 4-7 record and look likely to miss out on the playoffs. But in his post-game interview, Rodgers insisted he is "confident" the Packers can still turn around their season.

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