Baker Mayfield cheekily spurns Brown when asked about his old team

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Baker Mayfield cheekily spurns Brown when asked about his old team

Baker Mayfield has once again indicated that he doesn't have much love for his former team, the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield, the first overall pick of the 2018 NFL draft, had a messy split with the Browns this past offseason.

This week, a reported asked Mayfield about his "old place." Mayfield pretended that he was asked about the Oklahoma Sooners, the place where he played college football and enjoyed much success. “What old place? Oklahoma? Yeah, they are 6–5," Mayfield said.

After the reported clarified to Mayfield that he meant Cleveland, Mayfield said: “That’s not my old place. I used to play there." Mayfield then continued talking about the Sooners as he said: "It’s been a rough year, some ups and downs, they are handling adversity.

They won the rivalry game last week, so proud of that,"

The Browns moved on from Mayfield after the 2021 season

Mayfield was bothered by a shoulder injury throughout the entire 2021 season and he clearly wasn't at his best.

But after the Browns missed out on the playoffs, he received the most blame and the Browns ultimately decided to move on from him. After Mayfield was traded to the Caroline Panthers, he admitted he was surprised by the Browns' decision.

"It was surprising for everybody. Pretty unexpected. But if I'm focused on the past, then I'm not doing my job and being a Carolina Panther now. Like I said, I'm grateful for my time there. Yeah, shocked is pretty much the only way to describe it, but you roll with the punches and you gotta move forward.

This is a test of adversity and how I'm going to handle it and how I can move forward and be the best teammate possible with our new home and I'm looking forward to it," Mayfield said after being traded to the Panthers.