Jerry Jones comments on possibility of Cowboys signing Odell Beckham

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Jerry Jones comments on possibility of Cowboys signing Odell Beckham

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks Odell Beckham could help his team but admitted it will be a challenge to make the fit right. Beckham, who sustained a torn ACL injury during the Super Bowl, is still a free agent. The Cowboys and New York Giants have been mentioned as the two teams that are frontrunners to sign Beckham.

After the Cowboys defeated the Giants 28-13 on Thanksgiving, Jones was directly asked if Beckham could help the Cowboys. "Odell could help us. I believe that right now. Now, we got to make it fit. That's the challenge," Jones said, per Jon Machota.

Jones on potentially signing Beckham: The money part is important too

"I think just the general how we make this fit. All of that, availability is huge, but the financial part is really huge, too," Jones added.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys players have already made it perfectly clear they want the team to sign Beckham.

This week, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was asked about the possibility of having Beckham as his new weapon. "He knows how much I want him here, and a lot of these guys in this locker room I've seen have reached out on their own in different ways to making sure that he understands that this is a team that he can help.

And we want him to come help. But right now I guess it's who can recruit better. And, yeah, I don't know necessarily about what he's looking for when it comes to the numbers and long term and all that, but I know that we want him here and hope it all works out," Prescott added.

The Cowboys have eight wins and three losses after their first 11 games of the season. The Cowboys have one of the top defenses in the NFL and adding Beckham on the offensive side of the ball would certainly make them an even better team.