Mike Purcell explains moment he was caught unleashing frustration at Russell Wilson

The Broncos reached another low on Sunday.

by Dzevad Mesic
Mike Purcell explains moment he was caught unleashing frustration at Russell Wilson

Denver Broncos defensive tackle Mike Purcell suggested he just wanted to "get a spark somewhere" when he was caught yelling at his quarterback Russell Wilson. On Sunday, the Broncos suffered their seventh defeat in the last eight games as the Carolina Panthers handed them a 23-10 loss.

After Panthers kicker Eddy Pineiro kicked a field goal for a 20-3 lead with 13 minutes left in the game, Purcell was caught unleashing his frustration at Wilson. "Frustration. We all want to spark on something. We are all in this together, period.

That's the quarterback of our offense, they're about to take the field. Obviously, [the defense wasn't] doing our job, but got to get a spark somewhere. They're about to take the field, that's all it was," Purcell said, per ESPN.

Wilson tried to dismiss the incident with Purcell

In the offseason, the Broncos went all in to acquire Wilson. After bringing Wilson on board, the Broncos made it clear their expectations were to win the Super Bowl this year.

But after their 11 games of the season, they own a disappointing 3-8 record and will likely miss out on the playoffs. "Mike and I are on the same page. He came off after they kicked a field goal, he was pissed off, he just said, 'We've got, we've got to F'in' go,' and I agree.

We're on the same page -- there's no animosity there at all. We've got to win. We've got to come out here and have some grit to us, some mentality to us. We've got to win these football games. Those guys are out there battling every play, and offense, we've got to be able to capitalize.

So, yeah, there's nothing there at all, me and him -- there's nothing there," Wilson said of the incident. Wilson has been heavily criticized for his play throughout the entire season.

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