Patrick Mahomes identifies why chiefs lost to Bengals


Patrick Mahomes identifies why chiefs lost to Bengals

Patrick Mahomes admitted that the Cincinnati Bengals "executed at a higher level in critical situations" following the Kansas City Chiefs' 27-24 loss on Sunday. The Chiefs got off to a slow start to the game as the Bengals took a 14-3 lead early in the second quarter.

The Chiefs responded with a late first-half touchdown and the Bengals went into the halftime with a 14-10 lead. In the third quarter, the Chiefs scored two touchdowns and entered the fourth quarter with a 24-17 lead. The Bengals started the fourth quarter with a field, before scoring a touchdown midway through the fourth quarter to take a 27-24 lead.

The Chiefs missed a field goal with around three minutes left in the game and the Bengals closed out the game.

Mahomes on the loss to the Bengals

“We started off slow. We got back in the game, in the flow of things.

Then we had a turnover late — and then the missed kick. If you’re playing good teams and you make that turnover on downs basically in the fourth quarter, those are the things that kind of bite you in the end," Mahomes said, per Pro Football Talk.

With the Chiefs 24-20 up in the fourth quarter, Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce fumbled the ball. The Bengals responded by scoring a touchdown and taking the lead. After the game, Mahomes was asked what would be his message to Kelce.

“I just tell him to continue to be himself. We’ve seen Travis do that many times and get all those extra yards — those are hard-fought yards in this league. Obviously, they made a good play, they stripped the ball out right at the very end there.

But I’m taking Travis fighting for extra yards every single time because that’s the type of competitor he is," Mahomes said of Kelce. After winning five games in a row, the Chiefs had their streak come to an end on Sunday. The Chiefs now own a 9-3 record and are still the No 1 ranked team in the AFC West.

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