Rachaad White reacts to catching game-winning pass from Tom Brady

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Rachaad White reacts to catching game-winning pass from Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie running back Rachaad White admitted that it was "just amazing" to catch a game-winning pass from Tom Brady. On Monday Night Football, Brady delivered magic when it mattered the most as the Buccaneers scored two late touchdowns to claim a 17-16 win over the New Orleans Saints.

With over five minutes left in the game, the Saints appeared to have a comfortable 16-3 lead. Brady then orchestrated a 91-yard drive which saw the Buccaneers cut the deficit to 16-10 with three minutes left in the game. The Buccaneers' defense then stopped the Saints as Brady got the ball back with just 2:29 left in the game.

Brady then led the Buccaneers down the field, in a drive that resulted in a six-yard touchdown pass to White.

White on catching a game-winning touchdown pass from Brady

"It's just amazing. I've just been grateful. I believe I was just born when TB had first gotten into the league.

I was born in '99. Just to be able to be a part of that years later down the road, you just be grateful. And you've got to cherish these moments," White said, per ESPN. By leading the Buccaneers to a comeback win over the Saints, Brady wrote NFL history as he surpassed Peyton Manning on the all-time with most fourth-quarter comebacks.

Brady has now led his team to a fourth comeback in 44 games. Mike Evans, a star wide receiver for the Buccaneers, says Brady is well-known for his fourth quarter magic. "One thing about us -- especially the past few years with Tom -- we just keep playing until the end because anything can happen.

We've seen that time and time again. He gets better like in those moments. Like it's crazy. I think it's experience and his mindset. He knows that at the end of the game, he wants the ball in the offense's hands and he demands us to go out there and make plays," Evans said of playing with Brady.

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