Pete Carroll: Jamal Adams has been through a lot, but he is making good progress

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Pete Carroll: Jamal Adams has been through a lot, but he is making good progress

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has confirmed that Jamal Adams is making a good progress in recovery from surgery. In the Seahawks' season opener versus the Denver Broncos, Adams was carted off the field. Later, the tests revealed that Adams suffered a serious injury to his quadriceps tendon and he had to surgically repair the damage.

The injury ended Adams' season. “We saw Jamal out here for the first time in a bit. It was great to see him. He’s back here to check in with the trainers and make sure everything’s on track, which we know it is.

It’s just good to see him back, and having that spirit around that building is great. We miss him," Carroll said of Adams, per the Seahawks website.

Carroll on Adams' injury: It's a difficult one

Adams, who was also dealing with injuries in the past seasons, didn't have luck with his health this year either.

However, the positive thing is that his recovery is going as planned. “It’s been a while [since his injury]. This is a hard recovery. It’s really taxing. He’s been through a lot. He’d tell you. It’s been rigorous to get back where he’s really walking and he’s up on it and going and all that.

He’s got a big old zipper on his knee and all that. This injury in particular is a difficult one. It’s a challenging one. But he’s doing great, and he’s happy about it now. He’s finally going and really can feel the progress and start getting strong again and all that," Carroll added.

Even with Adams injured, the Seahawks have played some good football this year. The Seahawks, who weren't given much of a chance to make the playoffs at the start of this season, now stand at 7-5 and have a shot at making the playoffs. This Sunday, the Seahawks are playing the Carolina Panthers, who have a 4-8 record.