Cameron Jordan fined $550K for faking an injury in the game against the Bucs

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Cameron Jordan fined $550K for faking an injury in the game against the Bucs

The NFL shows how to deal with time fenders. The New Orleans Saints have been fined a total of $550,000 for a fake injury to star Cameron Jordan. The New Orleans Saints' last-minute defeat by Tampa Bay last Monday has bitter consequences for the Louisianna-based team.

Because they wanted to buy additional time, according to the league, an injury was faked in the final phase. There is now a mega fine for this. The club itself has to shell out $350,000, the player involved, Cameron Jordan, has to pay $50,000, head coach Dennis Allen has to pay $100,000 and assistant coach Ryan Nielsen has to pay $50,000.

What happened? The Saints surprisingly led 16-3 against Tom Brady and the Bucs, but Brady was on the rise. The defense needed a breather. After a tough effort, superstar Cameron Jordan dropped to his knees, stopping the clock so his colleagues could get some rest.

“Most expensive fine to date from the NFL came in yesterday… added stressor for no reason,” Jordan said. Jordan was back in the game the next but one. It is the highest fine for an offense of this kind, and the NFL is fighting time fenders.

“I just feel like this should be public knowledge,” Jordan tweeted. “‘Cause some of the fines are silly but this 1… ridiculous. Anyways & for what a ‘deliberate action to delay game’ before a [team] punts?”

That would be unaffordable in football

The fact is: The action of the league comes as a surprise and is tough, especially because the Saints had not gained any time as a result, had to give up the game with 3 seconds before the end and conceded a bitter defeat.

A similar threat of punishment could at least intimidate the kickers by wasting time in the final phase by faking injury. Sanctions by the associations are not planned due to the difficulty of proving the allegations.