How much will Odell Beckham get paid on new contract - Is he seeking $20 million?

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How much will Odell Beckham get paid on new contract - Is he seeking $20 million?

Odell Beckham Jr. remains a free agent after visiting multiple teams and some are wondering if the star wide receiver wants a massive deal in the range of $20 million per year. Last week, Beckham concluded his free agent visits with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Buffalo Bills.

Beckham, who was expected to sign somewhere after those visits, is still a free agent. The Cowboys appeared to be the team that had the most interest in signing Beckham, but their interest seemed to cool off after the meeting with Beckham.

The Cowboys made it clear they wanted someone who could contribute immediately but it doesn't seem that Beckham would be ready to play until the playoffs. Also, there is the money part as the Cowboys or other interested teams may be more interested in giving Beckham a short-term deal before giving him a long-term deal with big money.

Where and for how much will Beckham sign?

After forcing his way out of Cleveland midway through the 2021 season, Beckham got his career back on the right track with the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham, who was expected to sign a big contract extension after the 2021 season, suffered a torn ACL during the Rams' Super Bowl win.

Now, Beckham is healthy again and is looking to sign somewhere. Beckham has drawn interest from NFL teams, but it is still unclear where and for how much will he sign. In recent months, Beckham indicated that he would love "to find a new home." That means Beckham would love to sign with a team and stay there for a longer period.

However, many believe that NFL teams would first want to give Beckham a short-term deal, such as a one-year deal. If Beckham plays well and proves he is still a superstar, then the team would give him a longer deal with more money.

Also, some thing there is a chance Beckham decides to sit out the entire 2022 season. It remains to be seen what will Beckham eventually do.