NFL slaps Jerry Jeudy with hefty $36,281 fine

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NFL slaps Jerry Jeudy with hefty $36,281 fine

Jerry Jeudy has been handed a big fine by the NFL for bumping an official and removing his helmet during the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs game. Last Sunday, Jeudy had a meltdown after he felt that the official didn't call an apparent hold on him.

According to NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero, the NFL handed Jeudy a $36,281 fine. Jeudy was fined $23,020 for bumping an official and also $13,261 for removing his helmet. On Wednesday, Jeudy told reporters he was expecting the NFL to fine him.

"I know they're going to fine me. It is what it is. I know the consequences of the situation and I'm going to learn from it," Jeudy said this week.

Jeudy on what led to his meltdown

The Chiefs opened a 27-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

After Jeudy scored three touchdowns, the Broncos cut the deficit but the Chiefs still escaped with a 34-28 win. "I was just -- on that certain play, I got held. I was just frustrated because we didn't have things going, so I was out there playing with frustration wanting to make a play for my team.

I feel like at that point, I was just held and that should've been called, but I have to know how to control my anger and just move on from there," Jeudy said. Meanwhile, Broncos head coach Nathaniell Hacket said he spoke with Jeudy over the incident.

"I didn't see it happen on the field. I was told by the referee that it had happened, so I went to address it right away and talk with him. He definitely knew that he was wrong. That's unacceptable. You can't do that. We've addressed that and I know that he knows he can't do that.

I know he was very frustrated at the time, but that's just something you can't do," Hackett said. Jeudy at least avoided suspension and he will be playing this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.