NFL slaps Allen Lazard with a hefty fine over taunting, Packers star responds

Lazard was fined for taunting three Dolphins player during last Sunday's game.

by Dzevad Mesic
NFL slaps Allen Lazard with a hefty fine over taunting, Packers star responds

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard said he was appealing a $10,609 fine he received from the NFL for taunting Miami Dolphins players. Last Sunday, Lazard delivered a stunning block that took out three Dolphins players.

Packers running back Aaron Jones had an 18-yard gain on the play after Lazard's block. Even the NFL promoted that play on their channels but Lazard also later got fined for taunting three Dolphins players. After taking out three Dolphins players, Lazard counted them all - one, two, three...

"I'm going to appeal it, my agent and I. It's not like it was an aggressive hit or anything that injured another player. It was perfectly legal. So I don't see what − I'm getting fined for taunting, which I think is kind of silly," Lazard told PackersNews.

Lazard on the play that earned him a big fine

The Lazard play happened in the fourth quarter, when the Packers were facing a first-and-20. In the end, the Packers ended up beating the Dolphins 26-23 to improve to 7-8 and keep their playoff hopes alive.

"Going through the play and everything, understanding leverage and how the ball was coming out, I could feel Aaron Jones was behind me. I knew if I sealed the edge right there, that he would be able to go out and get an explosive out of it.

So obviously I had a block, but Aaron Jones did a great job of just doing his job and getting the most yards that he could," Lazard reflected. After being slapped with a big fine, Lazard found the NFL's actions as "contradictory." "It's contradictory.

They highlighted the play on social media, even during the game, they obviously praised it as it being a good play," Lazard said. This Sunday, the Packers are hosting the Minnesota Vikings. The Packers now have a good chance to make the playoffs but they first have to beat the Vikings.

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