From the hospital: "Damar Hamlin communicates in writing"

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From the hospital: "Damar Hamlin communicates in writing"

According to doctors at the University of Cincinnati medical center, Buffalo Bills NFL player Damar Hamlin is getting better and better at the moment. They said: "Damar Hamlon is improving, he is able to communicate in writing.

Everything seems to be working in his brain, but it's really early. There is more progress to be made, but the fact that he woke up marks a major turning point in his treatment journey. Buffalo Bills told: "Hamlin is still seriously ill, although thankfully he is neurologically intact.

His lungs continue to heal and he is making steady progress." The doctors also said: "Through writing he started asking questions and the first one was who won the game, and we told him he won. He won the game of his life.

From that question we understood that not The lights just came back on, but he's coming back." The medical teams continue to treat him and subject him to a dense network of tests to understand what caused the cardiac arrest that made Hamlin collapse after the tackle brought on Bengals player Tee Higgins, who in the past few hours has been close to the entourage of the player and received the sympathy of Hamlin's teammates.

The only certainty at the moment is that the readiness of the staff on the pitch at Paycor Stadium saved Hamlin's life." Bills assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington was the first to rush at Hamlin and notice the absence of a heartbeat, performing CPR: "He had impressive courage, he was a hero and a leader in saving Damar's life.

I admire his valor," say doctors at the hospital where Hamlin is being treated. Damar Hamlin, a 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety, struggles between life and death following a tough confrontation with one of his Bengals opponents on Monday.

Hamlin, in fact, after a violent tackle, first got up but only for a few moments, and then collapsed to the ground unconscious. Immediate help from the doctors, who attempted to revive him for over 30 minutes, also giving him cardiac massage, all under the eyes of his family who were there to watch the game.

The player was later rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition. A heartbreaking scene that was witnessed, with teammates who gathered in a circle around him to act as a screen while the intervention of the doctors took place.

As a result of the shocking incident, the matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Bengals was permanently cancelled.