Damar Hamlin arrives at Highmark stadium, joins Bills teammates in locker room

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Damar Hamlin arrives at Highmark stadium, joins Bills teammates in locker room

Damar Hamlin has arrived at Highmark Stadium and is currently in the Buffalo Bills' locker room, according to Tracy Wolfson of CBS.

Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest in early January during the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game, is now set to root for his teammates in their divisional round game.

Since suffering a cardiac arrest and collapsing on the field in one of the scariest scenes ever seen on a football field, Hamlin has been making a remarkable recovery. Also, Wolfson is reporting that Hamlin's parents and brother are also in the building.

Hamlin still hasn't fully recovered Hamlin's recovery has been absolutely remarkable but he is still not fully recovery.

However, Hamlin remains in positive spirits.

"Despite being out of the hospital, Damar still has a lengthy recovery. Damar still requires oxygen and is having his heart monitored regularly. He has visited with the team a few times but he still gets winded very easily.

He's upbeat and positive and ready to continue to overcome this," Hamlin's longtime friend and business partner Jordon Rooney said, per ESPN. This week, Hamlin has been around the Bills facility. "It's limited, just overall.

But he comes in and really just started really today or yesterday and just trying to get back to a little bit of a routine and just get himself acclimated again and taking it one step, one baby step at a time here," McDermott said of Hamlin's activity this week.

20 days ago, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest when the Bills played the Bengals on the road. Now, the Bills are again playing the Bengals but this time in the playoffs and on their home field. The Bills will certainly be extremely motivated to do well in Hamlin's presence as they are looking to set up a game against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

It remains to be seen if Hamlin's presence will inspire the Bills to put on a big game and beat the Bengals in front of Hamlin and their home fans.