Most expensive Super Bowl ticket is selling for $41,430

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Most expensive Super Bowl ticket is selling for $41,430

The most expensive ticket for the Super Bowl is selling for just over 41k, according to Sporting News. Next Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will be meeting in the Super Bowl. The upcoming Super Bowl will take place at State Farm Stadium, the Arizona Cardinals' stadium.

"TicketSmarter's most expensive single ticket for Super Bowl 57 come in at $41,430. That ticket would place any viewer at midfield in the club level at State Farm Stadium (Section 109, Row 4)," as reported by Sporting News.

Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts set to battle for the Super Bowl

When the Chiefs and Eagles meet in the Super Bowl, it will be the first Super Bowl with two Black quarterbacks going against each other. Going into the Super Bowl, Mahomes is battling an ankle sprain.

Hurts, who suffered a shoulder injury in December, has been playing since Week 18. On Sunday, Mahomes was evidently not at his best but still managed to lead the Chiefs to a thriller 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

After the game, Mahomes said he did all he could just to help the Chiefs win. “I just tried to do whatever I could to win, and obviously, there were times where you could see that it wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to.

But I was able to do enough on that last play to get the first down and get myself out of bounds and try to give Harrison the chance to win. Obviously, we got the flag, and [Ossai] pushed me, pushed me pretty late there. I definitely didn’t feel good.

I think the worst one was when I fumbled. I tried to pick it up, and that was probably the worst I tweaked it during the game. They got me close as they could to 100 percent. Then I just battled through, and I’ll have a few more weeks to get it ready," Mahomes said after the game. It remains to be seen how ready will Mahomes be for the Super Bowl.

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