Saints coach Dennis Allen donates $100k to local food bank

Saints coach Allen does a good deed in New Orleans.

by Dzevad Mesic
Saints coach Dennis Allen donates $100k to local food bank

New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen and his wife decided to donate $100k to Second Harvest Food Bank in South Louisana. After Saints defensive end Cam Jordan was accused of faking an injury during a game, the Saints were fined a total of $550k.

Coach Allen was fined $100k. But after Jordan proved that he was indeed dealing with an injury and not faking it, the NFL rescinded their fine. The $100k that Allen had prepared to give out for the fine, he later just redistributed to a cause that is fighting against hunger in South Louisiana.

Allen: The $100k was donated to a food bank

“It all started when we got the fine letters from the league. We said, ‘We shouldn’t be fined for this; we didn’t do anything wrong.’ And then, it got Alisson and I thinking, ‘Well, we win this appeal.

Let’s take that money that we would have given the league, and let’s do something good with that money.’ And so, Second Harvest Food Bank is an organization that Alisson has taken an interest in. I think there’s like one in five households in Louisiana that deal with lack of funds for foods and vital things in terms of living.

And so, we wanted to do something to help out in the community and felt like that was a good place to start," Allen said, per Pro Football Talk. Allen, who finished his second season as the head coach for the Saints, also said that he considers himself a blessed individual and that was also one of the reasons why he donated to a food bank.

Meanwhile, the Saints didn't make the playoffs this past season. In 2022, the Saints finished with a 7-10 record. Even with such a record, the Saints were close to winning their division as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - who won the NFC South - finished with an 8-10 record. It remains to be seen if the Saints can bounce back in 2023 and make the postseason.