Stephen A. Smith criticizes Aaron Rodgers: Seems to be committed to making headlines

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Stephen A. Smith criticizes Aaron Rodgers: Seems to be committed to making headlines
Stephen A. Smith criticizes Aaron Rodgers: Seems to be committed to making headlines

ESPN's sports analyst Stephen A. Smith threw some criticism at Aaron Rodgers as he thinks that nowadays the former NFL MVP "seems more committed to making headlines than winning." In the last two offseasons, there was drama regarding Rodgers' future but both times decided to return to the Packers.

This offseason, Rodgers is again making the headlines as he is again making everyone guess what will be his next move. This week, Rodgers completed "a four-day darkness retreat." "Aaron Rodgers seems more committed to making headlines, at this point in his career, than he is to winning.

Nobody's bringing that up," Smith said on ESPN's First Take, per Athlon Sports.

Smith criticizes Rodgers: Only talking but not winning

Rodgers makes a weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show - but Smith never watches it.

"I've got news for you, I never watch Pat McAfee with Aaron Rodgers, I watch Pat McAfee with everybody else. That's the one thing I do skip. I have no interest in seeing Aaron Rodgers on Pat McAfee's show, because Aaron Rodgers just keeps talking, talking, talking instead of winning, winning, winning.

There's more that Aaron Rodgers could've done to facilitate winning, like being in camp and cultivating relationships with receivers etc. He's marched to his own beat and his own tune, and that's what he seems hell-bent on doing.

And he seems entertained by the fact that it's created headlines and news," Smith added. Also, Smith highlighted how Rodgers hasn't won a playoff game since he started making a weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. "Aaron Rodgers ain't won a playoff game since he's been on Pat McAfee's Show, have you noticed that? He's been on the Pat McAfee Show for the last two years, he has not won a postseason game.

That's not Pat McAfee's fault, he's got a great show, but he hasn't won a postseason game," Smith concluded. Even if Rodgers decided to continue his career, the general expectation is that it won't be with the Packers.

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