Jets legend tells his former team: Aaron Rodgers could ruin your locker room

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Jets legend tells his former team: Aaron Rodgers could ruin your locker room
Jets legend tells his former team: Aaron Rodgers could ruin your locker room

New York Jets legend Joe Klecko is advising the Jets to pass on the possibility of signing Aaron Rodgers as he believes the four-time NFL MVP could "absolutely ruin" the Jets' locker room. Rodgers, 39, has yet to reveal if he will continue his career and where.

The Jets, who are looking to add a quarterback following Zach Wilson's disappointing season, are monitoring the situation in Green Bay with Rodgers. A week ago, the Jets had a meeting with free agent quarterback Derek Carr.

Klecko, a Hall of Fame defensive lineman, believes Carr is a much better fit for the Jets than Rodgers would be. “I see a guy like [Derek] Carr, who is an All-Pro. He hasn’t been an MVP, but he has had some great years.

I just can’t see them going after a guy that has had all his years and had his way. And then, when it doesn’t turn out his way, he goes dark. I just can’t see it," Klecko said on CBS Sports Radio's "Zach Gelb Show," per The New York Post.

Klecko: Rodgers could 'absolutely' ruin the Jets' locker room

When asked by Gelb if Rodgers could ruin the Jets' locker room, Klecko replied: "Absolutely." The Jets have a talented young receiving corps and Klecko highly doubts that Rodgers' attitude would be welcomed well by the likes of Garrett Wilson and others.

“I can’t see him coming back to the huddle and Rodgers lambasting [Wilson] for running the wrong route. It’s not gonna fit. I don’t see it. I don’t think Rodgers is a fit with the young guys. I relate this to myself when we came up as a young team when we started winning.

Why it was a good fit for all of us was because we all worked together and came up together," Klecko explained. The Jets had a positive meeting with Carr but they are still waiting to see what will happen with Rodgers before making any decision.

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