Daniel Jones is reportedly seeking more than $45 million annually on new contract

The Giants would love to reach an agreement on a new contract with Jones in the upcoming days.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daniel Jones is reportedly seeking more than $45 million annually on new contract

ESPN's NFL insider Dianna Russini is reporting that the New York Giants and quarterback Daniel Jones are heading toward the franchise tag. After the 2022 season ended, Jones' four-year contract with the Giants expired. Now, the Giants can work out a long-term deal with Jones and keep him under the franchise tag.

Initially, there were reports suggesting that Jones was seeking $45 million per year on a new contract. Now, The New York Daily News is reporting that Jones actually wants more than $45 million annually. However, the Giants don't seem to be willing to pay Jones that money and the two sides appear to be heading toward the franchise tag.

“Based on the conversations I’ve had it seems like this is headed towards the franchise tag. This thing is too spread out in terms of the money they are willing to pay Daniel Jones and what Daniel Jones’ camp is looking for.

On the New York side of this, they are set on a certain number they think Daniel Jones is worth, and that’s nowhere near what Jones’ camp believes," Russini said on ESPN's NFL Live.

How much would Jones earn under the franchise tag?

Should the Giants decide to franchise tag Jones, the quarterback would be paid $32.4 million in 2023.

This week, Schoen confirmed they are talking with Jones with the hopes that the two sides would be able to work out something. “We’ll continue to talk and see if we can get something done before Tuesday. You’re starting to feel the time crunch a little bit.

I wish we were a little bit closer on a deal than what we are right now. But again, there’s still time," Schoen said this week. Also, Schoen confirmed the Giants would franchise tag Jones if the two sides were unable to agree on a new contract.

Jones entered the 2022 season knowing he was on the clock. Fortunately for Jones, he did extremely well in 2022 and the Giants want to keep him long-term.

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