Aaron Rodgers, Jets have started talking, QB is 'open to playing in New York'

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Aaron Rodgers, Jets have started talking, QB is 'open to playing in New York'
Aaron Rodgers, Jets have started talking, QB is 'open to playing in New York'

The New York Jets have started their talks with Aaron Rodgers, per Trey Wingo. Rodgers, 39, is contemplating what to do with his NFL future. While everything is pointing toward Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers heading toward an inevitable split, the Jets have been mentioned as one of the teams that would have a strong interest in acquiring the quarterback if he became available via a trade.

Since Rodgers is still under the contract with the Packers, it means that the Packers gave him the permission to speak with the Jets. According to Wingo, Rodgers is "open to the idea of playing in New York."

The Jets hope to add a veteran quarterback this offseason

In 2022, Zach Wilson didn't do enough to show the Jets he deserved to be a starter in 2023.

Mike White did have some solid performances but he also didn't do enough to convince the Jets he should definitely be their starting quarterback in 2023. With that being said, the Jets are in the hunt for a veteran quarterback this offseason.

The Jets previously had talks with Derek Carr, who signed on Monday with the New Orleans Saints. Now, they hope not to miss out on Rodgers, who last week said he would try to make his decision sooner rather than later. "For everybody involved directly and indirectly, it's best for a decision earlier.

I feel really good about the conversations that are going to be had, that have been had with important people in my life that help orient me... But I'm not looking for somebody to tell me what what the answer is. All the answers are right inside me.

I touched many of the feelings on both sides of the darkness. I'm thankful for that time. There's a finality to the decision. I don't make it lightly. I don't want to drag anybody around. I'll make a decision soon enough and we'll go down that road. I'll be really excited about it," Rodgers said on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

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