Dak Prescott: Ezekiel Elliott's departure is tough, the urgency is now

Prescott knows he is on the clock after the Cowboys moved on from yet another player.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dak Prescott: Ezekiel Elliott's departure is tough, the urgency is now

Dak Prescott admits it is "tough" for him knowing that Ezekiel Elliott has been released by the Dallas Cowboys. This week, the Cowboys released running back Elliott. In 2016, the Cowboys drafted Prescott and Elliott. In their first season together, Prescott and Elliott impressed but they didn't manage to continue their rise in the next couple of years.

“It’s tough. It really is. It’s tough. Playing the game with a brother. Being able to start this NFL career and share so many memories, and grow up as men with this organization, I really can’t imagine taking the field without him.

It’s something that I don’t know if it has completely hit me yet. Obviously I’ve talked to him. I’m hurt. I’m sure he is. But it’s more important for me to just be able to support him. I know he’s got more opportunities coming his way.

I love that guy. Proud of him. I’m the No. 1 supporter for him no matter what," Prescott said, per Pro Football Talk.

Prescott: The urgency is now

Prescott hasn't yet managed to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl and he admits he is feeling the urgency to deliver.

When Mike McCarthy became the Cowboys head coach in 2020, it was a completely different team as now there are only 10 players left on the team from that period. Prescott has been given another chance to lead the Cowboys to the Promised Land but there are no guarantees beyond 2023.

“Having all those guys depart, so many close friends, good teammates and not win a championship, and the urgency was there. But now as that’s turned over, realizing that I might blink and my career might be over with.

The urgency is now. It’s now or never. It’s as simple as that. No sugarcoating it," Prescott said. It remains to be seen if this will be the year Prescott figures it out.

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