Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi: DeAndre Hopkins trade market is really soft


Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi: DeAndre Hopkins trade market is really soft

Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi reveals he has been hearing that the trade market for DeAndre Hopkins is "really soft." The Arizona Cardinals, who acquired Hopkins in 2020, are believed to be wanting to move on from the five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver.

But no team has shown a strong interest in acquiring Hopkins. “I think his market is really soft. I don’t think anybody wants to get into the Hopkins business, and then have to redo his contract," Lombardi said of Hopkins on The GM Shuffle podcast, per

Since coming to the league in 2013, Hopkins has been one of the best at his position. “From what I’m told, it’s soft. There’s not a lot of action out there on him. He’s a good player, he’s always covered, but he always comes up with the football.

But there are other things that go into this, that I’m not at liberty to discuss that’s probably holding it all back," Lombardi added.

Why the Cardinals aren't receiving strong offers for Hopkins?

Hopkins has two more years on his current contract and he is scheduled to be paid extremely well.

Under the current contract, Hopkins is scheduled to be paid $19.5 million in 2023 and $14.9 million in 2024, respectively. Presumably, that's one of the reasons why teams haven't really shown that much interest in Hopkins.

When it comes to Hopkins himself, he admitted earlier this month that he has been following the rumors surrounding his future. “You know, when you hear some of those trade rumors, you hate to think that all those things are lies.

I’ve been traded before. Heard speculation about it and kind of shooed it off. I was like, ‘Nah the Texans would never trade me.’ Then next thing you know, here I am going to the Cardinals, so we’re keeping close attention to the tabloids, but we don’t put anything in the tabloids ourself.

DeAndre Hopkins gonna do what DeAndre Hopkins do when I’m on the field, and that’s all that matters," Hopkins said this month.

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