Jets owner Woody Johnson 'pretty confident' Aaron Rodgers trade will go through

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Jets owner Woody Johnson 'pretty confident' Aaron Rodgers trade will go through
Jets owner Woody Johnson 'pretty confident' Aaron Rodgers trade will go through

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has made it clear that he wants his team to win now. This offseason, the Jets made some notable moves, most notably signing Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman. There are also rumors of the Jets potentially signing Odell Beckham Jr.

Most importantly, Aaron Rodgers has decided to come to the Jets. But Rodgers is still not a Jet as the Green Bay Packers want the Jets to give up more assets than they are currently willing to give for the star quarterback.

“I’m not the patient sort. We’re in the win business. We have to win now,” Johnson said, per Pro Football Talk.

Jets owner Johnson: Confident Rodgers will be with us

“We’re pretty confident we can get something done,” Johnson said.

It wasn't a secret that the Jets entered this offseason wanting to land Rodgers. After it became clear that Rodgers was available, the Jets went all in. Two weeks ago, Rodgers publicly revealed his intention to play for the Jets.

"I gotta admit I went into the darkness 90 percent retiring, 10 percent playing. That's where my mind was, my mind was 'I'm tired of this.' I hadn't gotten back in my workouts yet, and I thought that's what was best for me.

So I went into the darkness, and I contemplated a lot of different things, but one day I spent entirely on the reality I was retired, and one I spent on the reality that I was coming back and playing. And I just sat with that for hours and hours, what that looked like, what the reality is, how that all felt, and when I came out I was really interested in what the landscape was, where Green Bay was at, and if I wanted to play what the options were," Rodgers said. It remains to be seen when will Rodgers officially become a Jet.

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