A lot of trade deal for Aaron Rodgers 'remains pretty much done'

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A lot of trade deal for Aaron Rodgers 'remains pretty much done'
A lot of trade deal for Aaron Rodgers 'remains pretty much done'

ESPN's NFL insider Jeremy Fowler is reporting that "pretty much a lot" of the trade package for Aaron Rodgers has been done. Three weeks ago, Rodgers announced to the world he accepted to come to the New York Jets. But Rodgers is still with the Green Bay Packers as the Jets and Packers have yet to agree on a trade for the former NFL MVP.

According to Fowler's sources, the deal could be completed around the draft. The 2023 NFL draft is taking place between April 27-29. "A lot of this deal, I'm told, remains pretty much done. They're close, just they have some of those draft compensation considerations that they have to shake out.

Most people I talked to around the league believe closer to the draft, maybe even on day one, when teams are getting on the clock pretty soon that this will shake out. But I'm told the Jets have been planning with their draft prep to have their No.

13 overall pick. That's not a major consideration to have to give up to the Packers in a trade," Fowler said on SportsCenter, via Bleacher Report.

The Jets 'confident' Rodgers will end up with them

The hard part the Jets were able to achieve when Rodgers decided to continue his career and play for the Jets.

Agreeing on a trade package for Rodgers was expected to be an easier part. Three weeks have passed since Rodgers announced his intention to play for the Jets but nothing has happened so far. In late March, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said he was confident the Jets and Packers would eventually agree on a trade deal for Rodgers.

"It takes two to tango. It's a process. We respect the process. Whenever it gets done, it will get done. I'm a positive thinker. I'm sure eventually they'll work something out," Saleh said in late March.

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