Former Cardinals GM Steve Keim explains DeAndre Hopkins' trade value


Former Cardinals GM Steve Keim explains DeAndre Hopkins' trade value

Former Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim says the Cardinals need to understand that they likely won't receive much in a potential trade for DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins, a former three-time All-Pro wide receiver, is now 30 years old and the Cardinals are looking to move him.

But Hopkins - who was considered one of the premiere wide receivers in the game just a few years ago - hasn't drawn much interest from other teams. “They’re probably going to have to come to understand that they’re probably not going to get as much as they would if he was a younger player or his contract was considerably lower, where you could get him for a second-round (pick).

It could end up being a second- or third-day draft pick to really get it done. Probably (need to) get a new deal done," Keim said, per Arizona Sports.

Keim on why the market has been soft for Hopkins

Hopkins is scheduled to earn $19.5 million in 2023 and $14.9 million in 2024.

Considering that Hopkins struggled with injuries in the last two years and that it took a toll on his production, expectedly teams don't want to be paying him that much in the next two years. “Here’s the problem: The problem is his current contract.

Hop was his own agent, and I can tell you that wasn’t the easiest (negotiation) in the world. Between him and Larry Fitzgerald, that put all the grey on my beard," Keim added. In 2020, Keim pulled off a stunning deal to get Hopkins traded from the Houston Texans to the Cardinals.

When the Texans traded Hopkins in 2020, the wide receiver was caught off guard because he didn't believe that there was a chance of him being moved. Because of his previous experience, Hopkins paid attention when the rumors started to swirl that the Cardinals were looking to move him this offseason.

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