Bradley Chubb looking forward to challenge of playing against Aaron Rodgers

Dolphins star Chubb reacts to Rodgers joining the Jets.

by Dzevad Mesic
Bradley Chubb looking forward to challenge of playing against Aaron Rodgers

Miami Dolphins star outside linebacker Bradley Chubb says he is excited about the opportunity to play twice against new New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This week, the Jets officially landed former NFL MVP Rodgers after agreeing on a trade with the Green Bay Packers.

The Dolphins and Jets share the same division - which means Chubb and his teammates on the Dolphins defense will be competing against Rodgers at least twice in 2023. Chubb is one of the best at his position and he is looking forward to the challenge of trying to neutralize Rodgers.

"It’s an opportunity to play against one of the best quarterbacks that ever played the game. I’m excited to compete against that twice a year. Each time I play him, it brings out the best in everybody. Everybody knows that we got A-Rod this week, so we got to be on our Ps and Qs.

Now we’ve just got a division full of great quarterbacks. So I’m excited to be in the mix and be competing towards the end of the year when it really counts and stuff like that. So it’s gonna be fun," Chubb said, via Pro Football Talk.

Chubb looking forward to matching up against Rodgers

The Jets entered this offseason believing they just needed a proven quarterback in order to be Super Bowl contenders. The Jets now have the guy they wanted to be their quarterback.

Now, it is up to Rodgers to lead the Jets to the Promised Land. “Obviously, Aaron’s one of the best quarterbacks to ever play this game. To have an opportunity to add a player of that caliber, you’re always going to look into it and how it fits within our culture, within our team," Jets general manager Joe Douglas said. It will be interesting to see how well will Chubb play when the Dolphins meet the Jets in 2023.

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