Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith tells how Dak Prescott can improve

Smith thinks Prescott could definitely become a better player.

by Dzevad Mesic
Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith tells how Dak Prescott can improve

Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith says he would like to see Dak Prescott further elevate his game by learning how to "own the offense and dictate the defense through his decisions." Since 2016 - when he was drafted by the Cowboys - Prescott has been the quarterback No 1 in Dallas.

But seven seasons have passed and Prescott has yet to lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win. This past season, the Cowboys were beaten by the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round. Prescott threw two costly interceptions and many put the blame on Prescott for the 19-12 loss suffered against the 49ers.

Smith, who won three Super Bowls with the Cowboys, was asked by CBS Sports how Prescott could elevate his game to a new level.

Smith on what Prescott needs to improve

"Owning the offense and being able to dictate the defense through your ability to know where the ball should be going before the play, but (he also) has to manipulate the defense in terms of how he approaches the game and how he sees the game before he throws the ball.

Quarterbacks have the ability to look players off and look defenses off and dictate what's happening. They can get rid of the ball quickly and do it in an accurate way. That's what made Tom Brady so good, that's what made Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers so good.

That's what made them different. Their ability to know their offense, not just inside and out but manipulate players in the process of their reading capabilities of what the defense is doing. That's one of the things I look for in every quarterback and whether or not he's growing into that role -- you have to know that offense like the fingerprints on your hand.

You get a chance to break the scab on your skin and you know it's coming back. You get a chance to manipulate a defense the way that you want to and take advantage of that skill set and act on it," Smith told CBS Sports. After the 2022 season ended, there were rumors surrounding Prescott's future in Dallas. But the Cowboys are willing to give Prescott at least one more chance in 2023.

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