Aaron Rodgers dismisses concerns regarding Nathaniel Hackett's failed Broncos stint

Rodgers happy about reuniting with Hackett with the Jets.

by Dzevad Mesic
Aaron Rodgers dismisses concerns regarding Nathaniel Hackett's failed Broncos stint

Aaron Rodgers says he has nothing but full belief in Nathaniel Hackett despite the coach's very disappointing stint with the Denver Broncos. After the 2021 season, Hackett left the Green Bay Packers to become the Broncos' head coach.

Hackett's first season in Denver was an absolute disaster as he was fired 15 games into the season because the Broncos were playing well below the expectations. After the Broncos got rid of Hackett, the Jets picked him to be their offensive coordinator.

While Hackett was the offensive coordinator for the Packers, Rodgers won back-to-back NFL MVP awards in 2020 and 2021. With Rodgers and Hackett reunited with the Jets, the quarterback is confident they can again enjoy success together.

Rodgers not concerned about how Hackett's stint in Denver ended

“I’m not going to get into a whole lot of stuff that happened there. I just believe in the man, I know how he goes about his business, he makes things fun.

We used to hug before every game and my message to him for three years was thank you for making this fun again. He’s an excellent teacher, his pedigree, his father, working with Bill Walsh and the West Coast offense, which I grew up in and played under with Mike McCarthy for 13 years.

I just love the man, great wife, great family and I’m excited to be back with him. This was part of the dream when I started daydreaming about this opportunity and I get to come to work with one of my all-time favorite people every single day," Rodgers said, per The New York Daily News.

The Jets have also signed a couple of more former Packers players, with the hope that it will help Rodgers and offensive coordinator Hackett to lead the team to success. It remains to be seen if Rodgers and Hackett can help the Jets win their first Super Bowl since 1969.

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